blue jackets beat blackhawks

Richard Panik had his first career hat trick last week when he was asked about solidifying his place on the first line with Jonathan Toews.

“I would not say my own, for the moment,” Richard Panik Jersey said.

the reluctance of the right wing was understandable: Apart from some veterans Blackhawks, your place on a line is only as good as your last game.

But given the way he plays now and the amount of goals he scored, you would think that Panik is a top liner for a little longer.

Panik scored the game tying goal against his former team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, with 88 seconds remaining in regulation Saturday night. It probably was a little feeling of revenge for Panik on this goal – Panik spent last season with the minor league team the Leafs until he was traded to the Blackhawks. But no matter the opponent, Panik was a scoring threat.

“We did not expect six goals in six games, but we knew it would be an offensive threat for us,” Minister Toews said “He is constantly showing he had the hat trick -.. When you have a game like it, the puck stops to find you and he makes no mistakes around the net. he showed that he can score goals in any how. ”

Part of the back of the Panik due on the first line was the Blackhawks were seeking more balance between attackers. Marian Hossa, a longtime show on that line, is the third. But again, it is what you do with the opportunity.

“The position he ended up being was more likely [to] be ready every game, coherent, do the right things,” the coach Quenneville said after Saturday’s game. “He has all the tools we seek. It comes with free washers, hanging around the net, going to difficult areas, giving us some physicality and finish well. It was a big, fail, then there was a very nice start for us and for himself. ”

The Blackhawks will still have goals no matter who scores them. But it is how and where Panik to score those goals that is especially good for the Blackhawks. Constantly looking for a net presence before, Panik provide. Most of his goals were a few feet from the net.

“Yeah, I’m just trying to find space in goal and the goals are scored from there,” he said. “This is the area I want to go and it works.”

Panik in six games has already reached the total he had in his 30 games with the Blackhawks last season (six goals, two assists). Panik approaches every game on the first line, as this could be his last there, and given the frequency of change Blackhawks combinations which is a smart approach. nfl week 7 game. But the Blackhawks were looking for more consistent scoring on that top line, and as long as Panik help provide that it will stay put.

“The consistency was my greatest weakness. I focus on that, bringing every night, “said Panik. “I think I know what I can do. I know I can play at this level. Now I have the opportunity. I just have to enjoy it and keep playing this way.”


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