Penalty-kill continues to be the Blackhawks’ killer weakness

Marian Hossa tries to control the puck after falling to the ice Monday night.

Michael Frolik would not go as far as to say he was rooting for the Blackhawks to take back penalties in the dream season of 2013. But it was not exactly overwhelmed by them, either.

Every trip, every hook, every bend and every bit of interference was a chance for Frolik and Marcus Kruger Jersey – Batman and Robin the penalty kill Blackhawks – to jump on stage and do what they do better. They are not only confident, they were arrogant in the limit. Each penalty put the dynamic duo in the spotlight, and they enjoyed each one. Continue reading


Blackhawks’ second line shows it is still one of the NHL’s best

Patrick Kane

Blackhawks winger Artemi Panarin was one-timing photos into the net Wednesday evening. Linemate Patrick Kane used his smooth stickhandling gain and set up other objectives.

It’s only per 7 days into 2012 for the Blackhawks, but the group sorely skipped those attractions from its second range.

They created a welcome come back to the U. s. Focus on Wednesday in the Hawks’ 7-4 success over the Brochures.

When you have as many younger sends as the Blackhawks have this season, it is organic can be expected an interval of modification. Trainer Fran Quenneville has fiddled with his collections in all the activities to choose the right mixtures. But there is one range Quenneville has been reluctant to split up — Kane, Panarin and Artem Anisimov, one of the NHL’s most legendary collections a last year. Continue reading